Torus Energy proudly presents the most advanced resonance frequency transferance technology

To improve the natural environment using resonance technology by transferring beneficial frequencies to restore balance,
and to contribute to the health of the body and mind through innovations in advanced resonance frequency transference.

Examples of

Here are the Mission of Torusenergy and the World to Aim.


Our technology is able to transfer, infuse and propagate resonant frequencies onto gases, liquids, and solids

Frequencies can be transferred, infused and propagated without direct contact with the object.
The transcribed resonant wave is able to maintain its frequency for an extended period of time.
Sprecific resonant frequency bands can be configured according to the purpose.



  • Technology 01

    Purify wastewater and sewage and upgrade agricultural water and fishpond water

    The Torus Generator can be used to improve water polluted with organic as well as inorganic substances using a simple installation method.
    ■ Example of installation
    The sewage in the tank is pumped up the pipe (hose) to pass through section covered by the the Torus Generator, and then returned to the tank again.
    By repeating this simple circulation process, heavy metals and other pollutants in the sewage sink to the bottom of the tank, and the light organic and other substances float to the surface of the water.
    When the precipitated toxins and light organics rise to the surface, the separation results in an middle layer that has been purified by resonant frequency transferance.
    Depending of the level of contamination, the same process can be repeated in a sub-tank.
    Ponds and moats can be purified using this method without the need for a tank.

    *About the data
    This document contains data of measurements taken before and after sewage treatment of bilge water from a large ocean-going vessel which was treated while docked at port without having to be lifted out of water onto land or transported.

    【In this way, the bilge sewage of large ships can be processed for proper disposal, and the remaining water can be treated for safe disposal into the ocean.】

    Torus Energy Alliance Member
    We work together for Resonance power

    The Torus Generator is widely used in the treatment of industrial and agricultural water as well as in fish farms.

    In fish farming, the ionization of the water in the cage has benefits beyond just water purification. This resonance frequency transferance method is highly
    regarded in the eel farming industry for preventing diseases that could not be eradicated by previous methods such as nanobubble technology.

    The Torus Generator is effective in rice production. The water contained in the top rice paddy is pumped through a hose and circulated through the section
    installed with the Torus Generator and returned back to the top paddy. The water naturally flows down to the lower paddies, carrying with it its life-enhancing
    resonance which helps to maintain the biological growth frequency throughout the crop's growth cycle.

    Torus technology is used to purify water and sewage for
    Utsumi System Co., Ltd. (ut-sys.com)
  • Technology 02

    Reformation of Combustion Oil and Emulsion Technology at Normal Temperatures

    ■ Fuel Reformer

    The Torus Generator has made the production of emulsions easy and cost effective. With no need for large-scale equipment and facilities used in convenitonal methods, the Torus Fuel Reformer can produce emulsions at normal temperatures and without the use of additives.
    Emulsions can be produced simply by circulating the oil and water mixture through the resonance frequency transfer device.

    1: Emulsification procution s possible at room temperatures (even at 3 degrees Celsius).
    No prior temperature adjustment of oil or water is required.
    2: Fine adjustments such as pre-mixed oil and water ORP are not required.
    3: One tank is OK, no additives are required.
    4: Just put oil and water in one tank and circulate with a pump.
  • Technology 03

    Reforming and Reusing Waste Oil

    Oxidized waste oils such as from cooking can be restored and recycled for use as fuel.
    Resonant frequency transferrance technology can be used to recycle resources and minimize industrial waste,

Here are the Mission of Torusenergy and the World to Aim.


Introducing products using our technology

  • Introduction 01

    528 Hz Water - Resonating Mineral Water Mineral water resonating the Solfeggio music frequency 528 Hz vibration.

    It is the only solfeggio frequency mineral water in the world that can maintain the 528 Hz frequency for over one year after production while continuing to allow the body to receive the resonant vibration by drinking it.
    That's not all.
    The technology of CYMOS60 is bottled in to create the ultimate in healthy mind and body.
    Said to be the best drinking water in the world, the power of CYMOS60 is maximized by the resonant frequency of 528 Hz.
    We take pride in this special mineral water as the most beneficial method of hydration in the world today.

    528 Hz Resonant frequency generator (Yamanashi Prefecture)_Water factory FUJI for bottling factory
  • Introduction 02

    Tabletop Resonator (Small resonant frequency transfer device for home and small shops) Tabletop resonator is compact and portable

    ■ Examples of Use

    1: This tabletop resonator can be used to ionize normal bottled water. The cluster size of the resulting water makes the water tastier and with increased permeability. Furthermore, the water can be infused with the 528 HZ frequency for additional benefits.

    2: Cooking oils which have oxidized through aging or cooking can be restored to its ideal state through resonant frequency transfer ionization. Recycling used cooking oil into reuseable oil is healthy, cost effective and eco-friendly.

    This video of a cooking oil reformation process was taken in Singapore in 2019.
    The tabletop resonator is becoming widely used due to the resulting lower oxidation rate of the resonance treated oil. Many have found that food cooked in resonated oil is tastier and better looking.
    This experiment shows the before and after images of food cooked with oil before treatment compared with food cooked in restored oil that has been resonant treated.
    Edible oil with no frequency on the left. Edible oil with frequency on the right. Both cookers are set at a set temperature of 180 degrees. As shown in the video, the resonated oil splatters and oxidizes less. The resulting food is tastier.
    The resonator is able to improve the quality of many commercial cooking oils.
    The differences in the amount of oil splatter, appearance of smoke. and the finish of the cooked food are evident in the video.

    3: The resonator can be used to enhance daily personal care items such as cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners and other such items.
    The permeability of face and body creams is improved and show more absorption. Resonated creams will feel different when used. Visible differences are dramatic when used on hair dyeing products.
    4: Passenger car and truck engines
    Resonant frequency transference onto the engine of a passenger car or truck will result is less static electricity, smoother engine rotation, improved fuel efficiency and a feeling of increased engine power.
    *Also available for hybrid vehicles.

    Example is of a desktop resonator used on a car engine

    5: When clothes and undergarments are treated, the fabric will emit far infrared rays.
    6: Using the resonator on a necklance can transform the piece into one that can help to relax the wearer and relieve stiff shoulders.
    An electroencephalogram test after wearing the device shows an increase in alpha waves, a decrease in beta waves, and generation of theta waves.
    (According to third-party data which can be provided upon request.)

    7: Applying resonance frequency to household electrical equipment will reduce the harmful electromagnetic waves emitted.

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